WMPLOTA 7/2 EN74 EN75 EN84 EN85 Rove

Just under 2 days to this weekends 24 hour grid sale, below is the weekly flyer for this weekends WMPLOTA2 Rove to EN74, EN75, EN84 and EN85! The excessive heat warning in Michigan ends at 0000z on 7/2, right at the start of WMPLOTA2.

Objects AOS (U) LOS Period
1. EN74 WM1432 Cadillac
XW-2D 00:01 00:09
XW-2F 00:05 00:13
SO-50 00:12 00:25

2. EN74 WM2014 Houghton Lake
SO-50 01:54 02:03 (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-92 02:03 02:13
AO-73 02:32 02:38 (*Low Pass Attempt)
Falconsat-3 02:43 02:53
FO-29 02:45 02:55 (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-85 02:59 03:06 (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-92 03:37 03:46

3. EN74 WM5159 West Branch
XW-2B 11:57 12:07
AO-07 12:06 12:22

4. EN84 WM5376 Tawas
XW-2B 13:33 13:39 (*Low Pass Attempt)
AO-07 14:01 14:04 (*Low Pass Attempt)
XW-2A 14:13 14:22
AO-73 14:15 14:26
SO-50 14:27 14:38
AO-92 15:05 15:14

5. EN85 WM2358 Alpena
AO-92 16:39 16:47
AO-91 17:16 17:30

6. EN75 WM1542 Gaylord
AO-91 18:52 19:06
AO-07 19:19 19:39

7. EN75 WM2417 Petosky
XW-2C 21:49 21:58
XW-2D 22:12 22:22
XW-2F 22:15 22:25
AO-85 22:15 22:28

8. EN75 WM2100 Cheboygan
XW-2C 23:22 23:32
AO-73 23:35 23:45
XW-2D 23:47 23:56
XW-2F 23:50 23:59
AO-85 23:57 00:08

7/3/18 EN75 Holiday Style Maybe

Wish me luck on my first real rove, all stops are in a new VUCC circle, please work me if there is room. Manual tuning on linear birds, please be patient 🙂 Follow me on twitter @andrewbnortham or http://twitter.com/andrewbnortham for up to the minute pass information, good luck and happy shopping!


WMPLOTA 7/2/18 Michigan Rove

Calling all WMPLOTA shoppers, big discounts on Michigan grids by KE8FZT, at the WMPLOTA encore event! You heard it on Ham Talk Live, July 2nd, World UFO Day and the Birthday of Walmart. EN74,EN84,EN75,EN85 are going quick, get them while they last! Now featuring the linear birds in a brand new VUCC circle!!!

This is only a 24 hour sale, be there or be grid squared, July 2nd UTC!

Tentative Schedule:

The Encore: Sunday Night
1. EN74 Cadillac WM1432 7/2 0000z-0045z
2. EN74 Houghton Lake WM2014 0200z-0245z

The Hangover: Monday Morning
3. EN74 West Branch WM5159 1200z-1230z
4. EN84 Tawas WM5376 1315z-1515z
5. EN85 Alpena WM2358 1630z-1830z
6. EN75 Gaylord WM1542 1950z-2040z
7. EN75 Petoskey WM2417 2120z-2210z
8. EN75 Cheboygan WM2100 2300z-2400z

The After Party: Tuesday (A non-WMPLOTA event)
-EN75 holiday style

Individual passes will be determined as we get closer, more time will be spent in Tawas and Alpena, as there is only 1 WM in the grid. Follow me on twitter @andrewbnortham or http://twitter.com/andrewbnortham for up to the minute pass information, feel free to unfollow me on 7/3, DM to get on my hit list. I will try and work a minimum of 1 FM and 1 Linear bird from each location. AO 85/91/92, SO-50, FO-29, XW’s, AO-7 and FalconSat-3 all planned. All the walmarts in that regions, along with my campsite on 7/2 fall into a VUCC circle I am hoping to make a big dent in. If there is room on the birds, please work me.


KE8FZT – Portage/Kalamazoo APRS iGate / Digi

Well, I have setup an iGate/Digipeater for local APRS communication, unfortunately there isnt another one in the county anymore. The radio can double as a nice 2M radio for local Repeaters and other communication as well.

As of 12/10, there is a Firestik 2m Antenna, 50′ of LMR-400, a Kenwood TM-281 Radio, interfaced with a TNC-PI on a RaspberryPi, running Xastir.


ISS Packet!

Picked up another great ISS pass!

00:00:12:13 : KE8FZT-7]APK003,RS0ISS*,qAR,W4TBD-10::KG4AKV-5 :ack19
00:00:12:16 : KG4AKV-5]APK003,RS0ISS*,qAR,W4TBD-10::KE8FZT-7 :Hi. I’m in FM05. Do you QSL?{19
00:00:13:19 : W8LR]APK003,RS0ISS*,qAR,W4TBD-10::KE8FZT-7 :599 Via ISS de W8LR Jerry{44
00:00:13:27 : KE8FZT-7]4R1R5Y,RS0ISS*,qAR,KD8THX-6:`q@Il OS/]”7#}-KE8FZT.com/AndrewBNortham=


Made contact with the ISS last night via the Digipeater and APRS! Heard K4IPH, N3FCX and KA3MTT!


00:10:51:16 : KE8FZT-7]4R1R5Y,RS0ISS*,qAO,W2THC-10:`q@Jl!FS/]=
00:10:52:06 : KE8FZT-7]4R1R5Y,RS0ISS*,qAO,W2THC-10:`q@Jl qS/]=
00:10:52:29 : KE8FZT-7]4R1R5X,RS0ISS*,qAR,KD8THX-6:`q@Jl!.S/]=